Confession: I’m a professional organizer by occupation, and a spiritual seeker by necessity. When I work with people, they feel safe, feel relief, feel not so alone, feel less shame.

I’m knee deep in other people’s clutter a lot. I have a vision of gliding over a trash heap in a white silk gown – perfectly at ease, and full of grace.

Grace has been given to me, and I’ve come to know it, as I’ve cleared the wreckage of my past –from the inside out. And I’m fascinated by the process of clearing away what’s not wanted or needed — whether it happens from the outside or the inside.

I seek peace. I seek possibility. I seek a world transformed. And what I’m learning is the way to find it is to create it.

Organizing, as much as I love the process, is a means to an end – to a bigger, bolder life. I’ll use this blog to explore organizing, spiritual inquiry and the transformation both bring.

2011-05-28 13.11.39


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  1. wow… i am willing to get better organized, it would help if i set aside 30 minutes a day for “organization”… i know my house FEELS better when i’m aware where STUFF is… it really helps!

    thank you !!!

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