The very first step of recovery is admitting powerlessness over something –often an addiction, compulsion, but also over people, places and things.

Powerlessness  doesn’t mean  I’m stupid, incompetant, a bad person, uncaring, deficient, or weak.  It just means I “lack power” over a certain aspect of my life.

It often means I’ve tried, many times, through countess ways to exercise my will power to control or stop something I continue to be defeated by. The battle has cost me energy, serenity, sanity, and peace –and sometimes jobs, relationships, housing and other precious things.

If you can identify with the feelings or outcomes described above, there is a solution. It’s possible to get support, tools and a new design for living happily.  Here are a few recovery programs that millions of people around the world utilize to find recovery from seemingly impossible situations:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Clutterers Anonymous

Debtors Anonymous

Underearners Anonymous


Overeaters Anonymous


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