…draining; habitual; perpetual. Uggh.

There are some mornings I don’t want to get out of bed. I want to pull the covers up and make it all go away. That’s the feeling. And if I breathe into the feeling and trust….I often discover that it’s not “all” of it I want to go away, just one particularly dreadful daunting task I’d rather be tied down to the railroad tracks facing an oncoming train that tackle.

It’s often a phone call, or an email to a difficult person, or one in which I have to confess I was in the wrong – one, perhaps,  in which I might encounter conflict, embarrassment or shame. Often, when I just handle the task, I’m free. Free to live the rest of my day productively and peacefully. If I procrastinate, the fear, the resistance, the weight of the task drags me down, and nothing good gets done.

When I get up in the morning, I ask: What’s “first things first” today? What one thing can I accomplish early that will give me the freedom and sense of esteem I’m looking for to have my day turn out?” When I find it, I sometimes need some extra courage. I may make a phone call to a trusted friend to let them know what I’m about to do. It’s a chance to own my responsibility as well as the feelings it brings up. I then may make a call on the other side of the task to say “I did it”, share what I got from the experience and celebrate the accomplishment. We call these points of contact before and after a difficult task “book-ending“.

Brian Tracy, in his book by the same title, advocates taking on the daunting task first thing, as “Eat That Frog.” Your onerous task, may feel like having to eat a frog. If you let the frog sit around on the plate all day, it’s pretty tough to focus on anything else. Eating it first gets it over with. There are some times we just need to gather our courage and get it out of the way!


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