2013A  great transformational coach, Sylvia High,  proposed this week while in New York, “What if we just left everything that didn’t work behind in 2012,and just carried forward what did work? I nodded my head and said , “Mmmmmm,” knowingly, as if I were clear on what it meant. Actually, while it sounded like a good idea, it’s not til now that I see I need to really put dome thought into what exactly that looks like FOR ME.

So, here goes my impromptu list:

What didn’t work in 2012

  • Getting so busy, I stopped reaching out to friends and family.
  • Getting so busy, I let exercise go
  • Getting so busy, I let my apartment get cluttered and messy, and my refrigerator bare
  • Justified anger
  • Holding back from taking risks

What did work in 2012

  • Meditating
  • Communicating regularly with my husband
  • Being present and committed to my work and clients
  • Celebrating my fathers 80th birthday
  • staying connected to my community and giving generously

So, looks like I just “sorted” 2012 into two categories: what worked/what didn’t. Luckily I don’t have to search for a Salvation Army or recycling center to dispose of what didn’t work. I can set an intention for what I’ll “keep”.

Intention is a lovely thing. I know I can organize my thoughts and feelings around it. I know when I feel a temptation or even find myself in what doesn’t work, I can recall my intention, and simply let go. Simply re-choose.

I honor myself and own the power of choice in intention.


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