Love the idea of accountability around heart-centered practices Jennifer Louden describes in her book, The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to a Mindful Year; Tips, Stories & Prompts to Focus Your Needs & Navigate Your Dreams.


“What am I really doing?

Being human, we often seem to believe we are doing something (like working with our thinking patterns or exercising daily) when we aren’t. Ditto for thinking we have practiced something longer and more diligently than we actually have. This age-old human phenomenon is particularly painful when it comes to attempting to live from your heart; if you believe you have been, for example, taking time to check in with yourself, but you really haven’t, you can tell yourself that [your attempts don’t] work for you, because look at how much you’ve tried! You then fall back into resignation (thinking “others can have this but I can’t”) — usually followed by cynicism and bitterness, with a regular dose of shadow comforts (anything we pretend is a creative, generative use of our time, but actually is a way to dodge doing what we really want to do). Or you fall into following someone else’s idea of what your life should look like or what should matter to you. Either way, you give up.

That’s why keeping an account of what you are actually doing to support yourself in living from the inside out can be very useful. It may sound just like just one more thing to do or fail at, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick is to make whatever tracking system you use part of your Life Planner or day planner, to track only one or two practices at a time, and to be absolutely certain that you are and utterly committed to whatever you intend to do.

You might want to keep track of when and how often you:

* Listen for guidance

* Center and ground yourself

* Pause before making a decision to check in with your body and intuition

* Heed something larger than yourself

* Do yoga, practice tai chi, do aikido, dance, sing, make music, write in your journal, make art, walk a labyrinth — in other words, practice an expressive art that feeds you

* Pray

* Meditate

* Offer compassion to yourself and others

* Choose to eat in a way that supports your health and energy”  p. 235-6

Happy New Year!

Tracking the heart


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