Organizing principle #4


Keep like items with like items.


The more we think and store in categories, the less our brains have to work, and the more time we save looking for what we need when we need it.

forksMost of us have a silverware drawer, where we keep forks, spoons, and knives separated. We wouldn’t think to keep some forks in the bathroom, some on the coffee table, some in bed. But we often don’t give the same consideration to the other items we possess. Whether it’s “loose” categories like the silverware above, or stricter sub-categorizes like “forks with forks”, “spoons with spoons”, think of other categories you can group and house in one area: books, desk supplies, yoga equipment, for example.

The categories don’t need to make sense to anyone else but you. If “things that make me laugh” is a category for you –think how nice it will be to put your hands on that stash on your next rainy day.


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