Organizing Styles: Intro


Organizing for Your Brain Type by Lanna Nakone, M.A. is a nifty book on organizing and a fabulous guide to understanding your own organizing “type.” It has saved me a lot of “compare and despair” when I was able to recognize that not everyone’s organizational style matches that of corporate America or the traditional solutions offered at Staples.

When, I’ve introduced Lanna’s 4 major styles in workshops, participants have also found relief and empowerment, knowing their style may even look “messier” than what they’d expect, but it it speaks to their own strengths and best ways of staying organized for themselves.

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Another very helpful benefit from looking at the 4 different organizing styles, is gaining a better identification and acceptance of others’ brain types/organizing styles that may be different than your own. For instance, I see this with couples very often. Much conflict can come from expecting someone you live or work with to be able to use your system for organizing, when it doesn’t work best for them. Understanding what WILL work best for them, can help you devise systems or methods of utilizing your space so it’s a win/win for everyone.

In a nutshell, the four major organizing styles Lanna outlines are:

1) Maintaining Style

2) Harmonizing Style

3) Innovating Style

4) Prioritizing Style

I’ll go into each style in more detail in my next posts…..if you’re eager to glean more now, check out Lanna’s Organized World.


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