Harmonizing Style


The third organizing style I’ll talk about from Lanna Nakone’s Organizing for Your Brain Type is called the harmonizing style. It correlates with the right posterior lobe, which helps us develop harmony and connectedness.


The Harmonizing Style is a homier approach; often characterized by people who are nostalgic, warm, who enjoy their memorabilia, and creating a comfortable environment for connecting with others. Harmonizers are often savers, and like lots of pictures.

One of the four lawyers I worked with at the corporate law office was a harmonizer. She brought her own lamps from home to illuminate her office, which gave it a warm, welcoming light. Her desk was full of family and friend pictures. She had a dish of candy ready to welcome the many employees who would often stop in to visit her throughout the day. She drank tea from her own china, not the water cooler Styrofoam supplied by the company. She would often have to stay late to finish her work, as she was frequently side-tracked by the spontaneous visits throughout the day.

Harmonizers often organize best with some good company helping them stay on track.




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