Prioritizing Style


The second organizing style I’ll talk about from Lanna Nakone’s Organizing for Your Brain Type is called the prioritizing style. Both this, and the mainingtaining styles are considered “left-brain” styles. The prioritizing styles correlate to the left frontal lobe which helps us achieve goals.


Prioritizing Style is characterized by action-orientation.  Prioritizers often enjoy making decisions and being in charge.  Often an entrepreneur, or leader. Future-oriented, sometimes competitive. Likes to have clutter-free environment, highly efficient, up on latest gadgets, when done with a project – easily says “out with the old, on with the new”.

One of the lawyers I worked with in the corporate law offices epitomized the prioritizing style.  Highly efficient, he’d start is day and have a clear, detailed outline of what he was going to accomplish that day. He’d arrive early to get a head start on the day, and rarely stay late. His appointments and contacts all held on his Blackberry – back when a Blackberry was a novel devise. At the end of the day, not a single paper could be found on his desk. The paralegals and I would sometimes gaze in wondering how he could keep such a pristine environment day in and out.

The next two styles, right-brain styles, may be the one’s you identify with. They are certainly more like me —and most of my organizing clients.


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