Innovating Style


The fourth and last organizing style I’ll look at from Lanna Nakone’s Organizing for Your Brain Type is called the innovating style. This style correlates with the right frontal lobes which helps us envision the future and make changes.


The  Innovating Style can usually be found in creative, artistic types. Innovators enjoy finding new and better ways of doing things. They are visual and like to have everything out where it can be seen. Filing can be tedious. Innovators tend to drop things wherever there is space, like to pile things around. Innovators can tolerate a lot more spontaneity and chaos in their environment. They will often have several projects going at once.

There was a lawyer in the corporate law office I worked who was an innovator. He was given many cases he’d work on concurrently. Stacks of files and material could be found on his desk and lining the floor of his office. When you opened his file cabinet, more stacks were plopped in, along with his jacket, and sometimes his lunch. While it looked like utter chaos to the passer by, he was extremely effective, and his boss knew he worked best when given a large load.

If you’re an innovator, it may have been easy to feel you weren’t organizing correctly. People you live with might have a lot harder time tolerating the piles and items left out and about. But as an innovator myself, it took some shame away to recognize some of the prolific trail I leave behind me is generated by my lively involvement with creative projects.




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