Morning Ritual



The time just after we awake is a great opportunity to positively influence our day. Our minds are relaxed and receptive upon awakening. If we consciously choose our thoughts, we can set ourselves up to author a powerful day.


One way to craft your day, is a 30 minute ritual called 10-10-10.

10 minutes of meditation.

10 minutes of spiritual or inspirational reading.

10 minutes of stream of consciousness, affirmation, or intention writing.

This combination has allowed me to become conscious of what “is” in the field of my mind (excitement, worry, fear, passion, etc.), open to the source of unlimited possibilities, and consciously choose an intention for what I wish to create in my day.

Writing is especially effective clarifying and committing intention. Even if I don’t think about what I wrote for the rest of the day, I’m often surprised at the clarity I retain, the ease I experience, and the results I get from this simple practice.


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