Clutter Conversations


Our stuff holds stories.

We dialogue with our stuff.

Sometimes the conversations we have with our stuff are the conversations of the past, of stuckness, of holding back.

We human beings project feelings, beliefs and past experiences onto people, places and things.

Sometimes we experience inner conflict, resistance and fear of letting go of stuff.

What are we holding on to, really? Is it really the object? Or is it the memory, belief or ego significance it holds?

If we don’t look consciously beyond the surface, we may stay stuck.

Clare Cooper Marcus, in House as Mirror of Self: Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Home, encourages a conscious house as mirordialogue with your walls, floors and furniture. Using psychodrama techniques, we can uncover the aspects of ourselves and ego we’ve given to our environment to hold for us. In bringing these aspects out to examine, healing can occur. In speaking to your walls (or possessions), let them speak back. They may tell you something it’s been hard to hear, or wonderful to hear. Through this exploration, we may discover gratitude for the bond we’ve created with our environments and possessions. We may also loosen negative attachment to what we no longer need.

Clare emphasizes finding space for our souls to breathe in our environments.

Life is now. I’ve come to believe that when we are living in integrity, love, and in committed action toward what matters to us, the significance of our belongings diminishes.  Our dialogues may reveal actions we need to take to bring us to that place of integrity, love and committed action. Let the feedback be a guide.




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