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The World belongs to You.



The World belongs to You..



As an organizer, I love this, becuase it means we can trust we don’t have to either “buy something” or “schedule something” to fill the void. We can keep it simple and trust that we can be discretionary about choosing meaningful purchases and engaging in meaningful opportunities as they present themselves to us.

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nature Aristotle  If you find yourself losing something in your life, be reassured that the present void  that you´re currently feeling will soon get filled up again.

The law of the universe dictates that there are no empty spaces.

Feel secure in knowing that if anything disappears from your life there is always something in the wings ready to take it´s place.  Relax and enjoy the ride.  Realise that it´s not all down to you to force things to happen and that nature too has it´s active role.   The universe is an abundant force ready to supply you with whatever makes you happy.  Just open up your thoughts, allow yourself to receive, and let nature do it´s thing.

hugging eachother with open arms


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Living by Control…


…has not worked for me.

There is a difference between the order we strive for in our environments that allows us to accomplish what we intend, and the control we desire to make sure things go our way.

I’ve found my desire to control comes from a place of not wanting to look bad,fear of being overtaken by circumstances or overpowered by other people. Living by control has had the paradoxical effect of my life becoming unmanageable and out of control.

If you can conceive, as I believe, that we author our own lives, which means we are responsible for manifesting all around, and you don’t like what you see around you, ask, “What am I not accepting within?”

For me, bringing love and shifting the focus inward, even if scary, has been a much more fruitful practice than trying to control what going on around me —even if it’s just my own clutter. It may mean there’s some inner housekeeping that needs to be done: an apology to someone, a re-commitment to my word, a letting go of a belief that’s holding me back, or a stepping up to esteem- able actions. Forgiveness and love are crucial. This is the inner organizing that matters most. When I shift, my world tends to shift. The outer always reflects the inner. Who will I be in all this chaos?

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Love Is



“Love is not something we give. Love is not something we get. Love is simply something that IS. Love is seeing what is just as it is. Love is accepting what is just as it is (although whether we choose to ‘accept’ it or not, things ‘is’ still exactly as they ‘is’.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s see if we can remember that we ARE love. Wherever we are, with whomever and whatever we encounter, let’s BE love by seeing our beloved, our friends, the world, our circumstances, EXACTLY AS THEY ARE. (And of course this means feeling EXACTLY the sensations we experience when we see things exactly as they are.)
LOVE IS. On Valentine’s Day; On sad days; On happy days; On easy days; On hard days; With people we like; With people we don’t like. LOVE IS.”
courtesy of David Friedman, founder of the “Thought Exchange”; courtesy Jerry R.

“The maxim, “Nothing prevails but perfection,” may be spelled PARALYSIS.”
― Winston Churchill


Whatever it looks like, CELEBRATE.

Only with acceptance, can we shift.



Perfectly Imperfect

Practicing Gratitude

In October of 2011, I had the privilege of visiting the Heart School in Haiti (then named Wings Over Haiti), and was blessed witness a people so resilient and joyful despite tremendous societal and environmental challenges. The staff at the Heart School, including Carina, mentioned below, are true heros making a difference in the lives of the children who attend the Heart school, their families and the community they live in.
I was touched and inspired by a recent Facebook post written by Carina’s mother – and re-post it here. I hope you will check out the the Heart School and the Sparks program mentioned below.
Practicing GratitudeAre you frustrated that your life is not going the way that you want it to?

I know the feeling! Some changes that I want to happen in my life seem to be taking FOREVER! Oh yes, I do need to be patient but I also know that embracing GRATITUDE will help me to be more patient and attract more of what I want in my life! My daughter Carina has taught me how important Gratitude is. Carina moved to Haiti at the young age of 18, right after high school graduation. She chose to leave her comfortable home with clean running water, a comfy bed, ceiling fans and an ample supply of food for a third world country with cold bucket showers, a bunk bed on a roof, lots of mosquitoes and not much food. Since I can only handle a week in Haiti at one time, I studied how Carina survives, even thrives in Haiti and realize that Gratitude is a tool she uses repeatedly. Carina tells me about the sunflower that just bloomed, the neighbor who cooked them some yummy rice and beans, a person who donated bunk beds for kids sleeping on the floor, a parent from the HEART school who brought Carina tea when she had a sore throat and many more stories each time I talk to or receive a message from Carina.

I have re-committed myself to keeping a gratitude journal and writing at least 8 things each evening that I am grateful for. Have you ever kept a gratitude journal?

Let us know what you experience and learn!

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Have a great day!
Maria and Ann



I see beyond my clutter. I see the orderliness that lies within.

—Affirmations for Clutterers from Clutterless.org