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Overwhelmed by your day?



I often advocate to clients they plan out their day. It asserts ourselves as the creator, rather than the slave to our circumstances.

Set a clear intention of purpose, then schedule the actions that support that purpose with a responsibility to estimating accurately how much time you’ll need for these actions.

 Life will happen. Circumstances will assert themselves — an unexpected phone call, a traffic jam, a mistake in an appointment time — brings a need to shift your plans. That sense of purpose for your day can help you remain steady, as you recalibrate and recommit to your intention.

And sometimes, even with or circumstances handled, we find internal obstacles to living our purpose in a day. We need to open to something bigger than ourselves to guide us to our purpose and allow our creativity to to find the tangible actions to support that purpose.

I love this quote from artist, Jen Gray. Practicing spiritual time management is sometimes just what’s needed to cut through the overwhelm of deadlines, obligations, conflicts, vagueness, lack of motivation, or procrastination.


“…the only thing i had to be concerned with was
doing the next single thing that would align myself
with love and spirit.”
jen gray

If you find yourself on a rainy day, whether it’s external or internal weather, ask yourself, “What is the one single thing I could do now that would align myself with love and spirit?”

If you can go outside and be in nature, when you ask the question, see if it doesn’t deepen the response you get back.

2012-09-29 14.38.35

Trust the answer, even if you can’t see beyond the next action. Sometimes we baby-step our way with faith back into clarity.


changepeale“I have always believed that change is possible and I know without doubt that the desire to change has to be intrinsically motivated. Yielding to the pressure from outside sources may produce some evidence of change for a limited period of time, but the brain has to follow the heart on this for change to be lasting. And “by the heart” here I mean that inner desire, passion, and conviction to make things different; there has to be a compelling reason to do the work of change.” Lynne Johnson, CPO-CD, COC.

Thoughts on Change

Musings on Possessions – 2


Sometimes, a few sparse items of great sentiment can out-value a house full of items purchased on a whim.


“My most cherished possessions are my grandma’s letters and my vintage Martha Washington cookbook.”
-Sandra Lee

“We go on multiplying our conveniences only to multiply our cares. We increase our possessions only to the enlargement of our anxieties.
Anna C. Brackett

Five Daily Organizing Habits



1. Have three areas in your home you’re committed to keeping clutter-free. I make my bed daily, clear all dishes from the sink, and fold and stack all used clothing. These three commitments boost my esteem, give me landing places for my eyes that feel peaceful and calm, and anchor me when I’m experiencing overwhelm or chaos.

Whatever you eyes land on when you first enter your home can set you up for feeling peaceful or chaotic. See if you can commit to keeping the area you look at when you first enter clutter-free. Fresh flowers, or a delightful splash of color can uplift, too.

2. Take 30 minutes a day to detach from activity and find calm. This could be taking a walk outside on a lunch break. Nature soothes and allows us to let go of whatever is pulling at us (worry, indecision, external or internal pressure). It could mean a hot bath, meditation, reading an inspiring book. It’s often when we’re feeling we “don’t have time to take a break” that taking a break will do us the most good. We wouldn’t go to the gym and expect to weight-lift for hours without a break. We know our bodies aren’t built for that. Our brains need the same kind of break from thinking, problem-solving and activity. A mind refreshed is much more capable than a mind distressed.

goal list

3. Take 15 minutes in the morning to plan your day, and 15 minutes at night to re-set. Clients often say, :Doesn’t this take up a lot of time?” It SAVES a lot of time. We wouldn’t jump in the car and start driving across country without consulting a map (or setting the GPS), even if we’re leaving from NYC and know LA is “west”. We often try to jump into the day with a vague idea of where we’re going, but no clear map on getting there. By reviewing what we want to get done, it often become clear how we can do it most efficiently, and what steps we need to take in what order to get there. At night, we can see spot check what we completed and didn’t. Often, if I see clearly what I didn’t make happen, going to sleep with that awareness, allows me to wake up with clarity on what next actions I need to take. We do a lot of problem-solving in our sleep. Having a a gentle question when we go to bed, is like putting a repair order in. In the morning, we often awake to a new solution.

4. a)Write all tasks down.  Our brains are not designed hold a large number of tasks for ready access. By writing everything down, we allow the brain to function as it’s designed, and allow our smart-phones, calendars, and lists to contain everything for us. We consult our lists to pull out items as they’re needed. Studies have shown that the act of writing things down has us 90% more likely to complete what we intend. Even if we don’t consult our lists, the act of writing is a powerful tool in clarifying and solidifying our intentions. b)Every task has a “when”. While this can be flexible, it’s a helpful habit to write down “by when” you intend to accomplish each tasks. It can help you see your priorities, and if it’s reasonable to accomplish everything you intend in the time–frame you anticipate. You are better equipped to now “schedule” the tasks you’ve intended in your daily planning sessions.

yum5. Drink lots of water, sleep well, eat nutritiously, and exercise. You executive functioning brain is where we organize from. Organization is about making decisions, assessing time, and focusing. Our brains need to be functioning optimally to stay organized. Water, sleep, and nutrition will keep us well-tuned and able to walk through chaos with calm and clarity!






One way to go through the day is to focus exclusively on what we have to get done. Another is to pay attention to what’s motivating the doing.


“How Would Love Respond in This Moment?

Every single moment we have the choice between the thought systems of Love or fear. Our focus today is to pay attention to what we are choosing all through the day. Love brings peace, gentleness and happiness; fear brings tension, conflict and efforting. If we don’t pay attention to where our mind is, we can easily be led by the fearful thought system of the ego. But we can always choose differently.

Our prayer today is for help in strengthening our awareness of Love’s Answer in each moment. Love will lead us to the happy joining with Love and release us from the guilt of judgment. We choose freedom from judgment today. We listen to Love’s healing guidance. And we give thanks that what we ask for we receive. As we are willing to let go of the past, we receive the gift of Love that fits perfectly in the present moment.”

© 2013, Pathways of Light. www.pathwaysoflight.org


Spiritual Time Management

Living by Control…


…has not worked for me.

There is a difference between the order we strive for in our environments that allows us to accomplish what we intend, and the control we desire to make sure things go our way.

I’ve found my desire to control comes from a place of not wanting to look bad,fear of being overtaken by circumstances or overpowered by other people. Living by control has had the paradoxical effect of my life becoming unmanageable and out of control.

If you can conceive, as I believe, that we author our own lives, which means we are responsible for manifesting all around, and you don’t like what you see around you, ask, “What am I not accepting within?”

For me, bringing love and shifting the focus inward, even if scary, has been a much more fruitful practice than trying to control what going on around me —even if it’s just my own clutter. It may mean there’s some inner housekeeping that needs to be done: an apology to someone, a re-commitment to my word, a letting go of a belief that’s holding me back, or a stepping up to esteem- able actions. Forgiveness and love are crucial. This is the inner organizing that matters most. When I shift, my world tends to shift. The outer always reflects the inner. Who will I be in all this chaos?

fall inlove